Important tips for traveling with Alzheimer’s patients:

Important tips for traveling with Alzheimer’s patients:

Those who live at home with an elderly person who suffers from Alzheimer’s know how difficult and time-consuming the care is. The physical and mental dedication that it requires and how getting 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans sometimes, any change in the routine requires great preparations to prevent it from becoming a source of anguish. Tips that can reduce the stress of traveling with someone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease:

  1. Prepare a folder with important medical documentation:

It is one of the most obvious things but it is important to make sure that we have the health card, the most updated medical report we have, a list of the medication you take with your dose and doses, as well as the recipes.

In case there is an emergency and you have to enter the person, it is convenient to do something that almost all residences do: have a document addressed to emergency doctors with the most relevant information.

If we have private medical insurance in the folder we should put the contact telephone numbers and the explanation of the procedure to follow in case of needing assistance.

  1. Make sure your loved one uses an identification bracelet:

Planning a trip can be a good time to consider purchasing one of the different types of bracelets for people with dementia that exists in the market. According to the person, there may be a tendency to take it off or try to take it off continuously; it may be good to consider this option with some advance notice.

  1. Maintain an environment as familiar as possible:

Whenever we leave home we change the environment. It is precisely what we look for when we go on vacation but it is also something that disorients and makes suffer those who suffer from dementia. Therefore, as far as possible we should try to maintain reference points or familiar elements for the person.

  1. Consider the possibility of staying in a hotel instead of with family members:

The way of expressing affection on the part of relatives who have not seen the elderly for a long time and who remember it before suffering from dementia can be annoying or generate confusion in the person. A hotel can give your loved one a quiet place to go when it is considered necessary. If you opt for the hotel, it is advisable to advise in advance that one of the guests has special needs and give them a way to contact you in case of need.

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